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How Basketball can find its true stature in Namma Bengaluru

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Basketball in Namma City is in its very basic stages. Unfortunately it has been in this stage since the 1990s. Due to the lack of meaningful intention and a willingness to foster a healthy inclusive environment, and the insecurity of those that run the state association, Basketball has been left to sleep in its own stench. The stifling of competition hasn’t done much good either.

However Basketball doesn’t have to be dependent on the government set up offices for it to nurture and nourish young kids, and provide a gateway for adults to recreational activity. That onus falls on the private academies like ours.

Sports is not just a means to have fun and frolic around. In the right hands sports is an incredible educational tool for soft skills like problem solving, teamwork, leadership, competitiveness, emotion handling, dealing with pressure, dealing with negativity, mistakes and losses.

However, the trepidation felt by parents when it comes to investing huge amounts of their hard earned money is understandable and one that I empathize with. The unfortunate look and state of the coaching centers, and the mannerisms of coaches is enough to turn a parent away and convince them to seek the security that the world of academics provides.

Basketball is one among the few sports like Football, Tennis, Badminton and Hockey that helps a kid develop their Gross Motor Skills. Unfortunately Cricket doesn’t feature in the prominent part of this list. And that is a major reason why the impact of Sports hasn’t been felt very much across our country.

Football has garnered quite some success in recent years and that has led to some very important changes in the fabric of sports in our country. Football has had some very prominent people making impactful changes that arise out of their intention and willingness to help OTHERS find true meaning in their lives.

If Basketball is to grow in the way that Football has, it needs to show the citizens how it can be impactful in their lives. And that starts when we try to make a difference in other’s lives instead of just our own. That intention of selfless caring is what will eventually make a difference. As long as selflessness doesn’t become a part of our idea of ‘Basketball’ is, the sport will never achieve its true potential.

Selflessness is the way forward for Basketball.

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