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Is Basketball suitable for my 5 year old?

Basketball is one among the sports like Football, Tennis, Badminton and Hockey where young kids can develop both their Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills. In the study conducted by Karen E Adolph and Justine E Hoch, titled ‘The Importance of Motor Skills for Development ’[1], it is stated that,

“...all behavior is motor behavior, and thus motor skill acquisition is synonymous with behavioral development…”

In other words, Motor Skills are essential for a holistic development of a child. Outdoor play, and sports in particular, is an important, if not the best way, to build Motor Skills in kids. Unfortunately Cricket is not among the sports that feature prominently on this list. In a country that adores the sport of Cricket our kids tend to lose out on a lot of necessary skills.

Specialised coaching programs within the more dynamic sports of Basketball, Football and the likes that target development of such skills can provide massive gains in a child’s development. However, Basketball being a relatively new sport in India is heavily challenged with lack of better infrastructure in Namma Bengaluru. The lack of availability of 8-foot and 9-foot baskets makes it hard for parents to accept that Basketball could help their kids reach their true potential. It is a concern that most academies share, and one that a few academies are working towards.

The lack of innovation in the sport of Basketball in Namma Bengaluru is a negative factor, but one that shouldn’t stop parents from choosing it. With the presence of the right kind of coaches, coaching methods and the necessary training equipment, the goals of achieving the development of a child’s Motor Skills, Speech Skills, Communication Skills, ability to form friendships, Critical Thinking, building of Moral Principles, building positive self-esteem and building a healthy body image can still be met. These are critical and crucial to a child’s development.

While the academies around the city are working on solving the issues affecting development of your child’s shooting skills, allow your kids to engage and develop the whole range of other skills they need.


[1] ‘The Importance of Motor Skills for Development’,

Authors - Karen E Adolph and Justine E Hoch


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