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Sports Internships Bangalore- Sports jobs Bangalore

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Do you like an active lifestyle? Do you enjoy being part of the world of sports? We have some amazing positions for you to excel at.

Basketball Coach / Trainer

As a Basketball Coach/Trainer you would be required to program the workout plan for each day, manage the sessions, report back on the progress in each session and be part of regular meetings to discuss the future path of the sessions.


Front office administrator

This role would require you to be able to manage student records, payments and receipts, assist with marketing activities and manage the facilities. 


Nutrition Consultant

As a Nutrition Consultant you would be involved with understanding a clients current nutrition profile, understanding the client's needs and designing a nutrition plan based on the client's convenience and needs. You would also be required to provide daily plans presented in a consistent manner and keep in touch with the client on their progress.

Additionally, you would be required to communicate with rehab specialists and physician when dealing with injuries. 


Social Media Manager

As a social media manager you would be required to put up posts with meaningful images and captions on social media handles, follow up on messages received on social media sites and manage marketing ads. You would need to come up with ideas for the social media handles and advise the management on what you would require to make them happen.



College and school students may apply for short term paid internships in various roles-

1. Assistant Coach/Trainer

2. Front Office Assistant

3. Social Media Handler

An internship would be an incredible opportunity for a student to familiarize themselves with a working environment and would provide a wholesome exposure to meeting a variety of people and new ideas.

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